Trees for the Arboretum Woodland

In the early stages of landscape development in the AWCC we will be planting trees in several areas on the border and periphery of the Arboretum. These trees will be planted in a naturalized pattern to improve the appearance of the landscape and provide needed windbreaks, wildlife habitat, and isolation for segments of the Arboretum. Your help in providing funds for these trees going into the arboretum woodland will help us complete the Phase I construction of the Arboretum.

Dedication and Commemorative Trees

Commemorative trees may be purchased and dedicated for special events or to honor an individual or group. We will be happy to consult with donors to carefully select and place commemorative trees, which also will be permanently recorded in the tree database, the geo-referenced tree map, and on a list of donors marked on a display plaque housed within the Arboretum.

There are also opportunities to purchase dedication and memorial benches, which will be placed in distinctive places in the gardens and Arboretum. Please contact us using the link below to discuss these opportunities and we will work with you to design a living tribute for your commemorative event.