AWCC Science Reports:

The WSU Arboretum & Wildlife Conservation Center produces a variety of science reports and presentations in addition to journal articles published in the scientific literature. Please browse through what will be a growing collection of science reports in our online library in the AWCC:
burrowing owl
Science Report: Life Underground - Burrowing Owls and Soil Texture

Wildlife scientists are exploring the dynamics of landscape ecology of burrowing owls nesting in shrub-steppe in Washington. Visit our poster at the upcoming WSU Academic Showcase, March 25th. Read More....
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Science Report: Ecological Models of Amphibian Populations in Palouse Prairie Wetlands.

We used data mining techniques to develop ecological models predicting the occurrence of over 4000 amphibians of 7 species captured in 63 wetlands along a geographic gradient extending from the eastern Palouse Prairie bioregion to the arid Moses Lake region in central Washington. Read More....
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Science Report: Survival of Sharp-tailed Grouse on Managed Tribal Landscapes in Washington.

Columbian sharp-tailed grouse were once so abundant settlers harvested them by wagon loads for food in eastern Washington. Now native grassland restoration may be crucial to saving the largest populations still remaining on tribal lands in Washington State. Read More....