Help Us Grow

As a newly established arboretum, the WSU Arboretum & Wildlife Conservation Center depends upon the kind support of donors to provide new tree plantings and ongoing development of botanical gardens for the public. Your contributions will help this young arboretum grow and become a central feature of the WSU campus for generations to come.

There are many ways for a University to educate and growing the WSU Arboretum is one of them. By helping to show future generations how to develop a beautiful and more sustainable landscape, you may contribute to the ongoing educational mission and environment of Washington State University in a lasting manner.

Growing Wisely

As a young arboretum, we have many needs that offer opportunities for people to help establish the Arboretum and our Wildlife Conservation Center, which seeks to establish our Bear Program as a National Bear Center for the U.S. We are seeking contributions for distinctive individual tree plantings, groves of trees, perennial gardens, and thematic natural art displays in the Arboretum. In addition, the Arboretum offers tree plantings as dedications for special events, commemorative trees for individuals and groups, and memorial trees to honor loved ones (see Dedication Trees).


If you are interested in helping the WSU Arboretum grow, please contact us for a list of tree and garden development opportunities. We will be happy to describe our current needs and work with you to assure that your donation is applied to the special project that you wish to support. We also conduct studies to learn how to conserve threatened and endangered species and other wildlife species of concern and your support can make a difference in helping to save a species from extinction.

Make a Difference Today

If you would like to make a contribution toward building a permanent endowment for the WSU Arboretum & Wildlife Conservation Center, or if you would like to establish or support a major project or facility in the arboretum, please contact a representative in the College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences (see: CAHNRS Alumni and Friends).

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