Visitors to the Arboretum and Washington State University

The WSU Arboretum and Wildlife Conservation Center was formally created in 2008, developed a master plan in 2009, and began its first year of operation in 2010. Because we are still in the process of finishing the initial Phase I construction, we do not yet have an established visitor program or hours of operation. The parking areas and trail system are still under construction, which limits public use. However, although the WSU Arboretum is new, the 100-acre landscape does contain a naturalized forest grove that is often used by people who want to hike on the available nature trails and gravel paths located at the entrance to 101 Airport Road.

In addition, we anticipate that tours will be offered several times during summer and fall each year. If you are interested in seeing the landscape that will be developed for the new arboretum, please contact us to see if a tour event is scheduled. Visitors who are interested in hiking, walking trails, and bicycling while at WSU should consult campus maps to see recommended paths and routes around the campus.