Magpie Forest Ecological Reserve

Magpie Forest is a 14 acre remnant of endangered Palouse Prairie located on the northeastern edge of Pullman. Mapgie Forest was purchased in celebration of Earth Day, 2005, by Washington State University, to assure that the land would not be destroyed by rapidly encroaching urban development.

Washington State University purchased Magpie Forest for use as a outdoor ecology laboratory and natural area for use by faculty and students. Plans are being developed to allow the public to use an educational nature trail system in the forest. The Magpie Forest Ecological Reserve is now part of several significant land tracts owned by Washington State University that provide habitat protection for native Palouse Prairie.

One of the most endangered grassland ecosystems in the U.S., Palouse Prairie is a valuable resource for ecologists and scientists working in plant conservation and restoration ecology. Over 160 species of plants, birds, and other animals live in or use Magpie Forest, including several uncommon native plants under active conservation programs.

Hosted nature tours of Magpie Forest are currently offered by faculty and students several times every year, particularly when glacier lilies and early spring flowers are at their peak. Contact the Arboretum if you would like to be notified of the next tour date.

[Glacier Lily blooming in early spring in Magpie Forest.]

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