Map & Directions: Earth Day Tree Planting 2014:
Map to Earth Day Tree Planting 2014
Directions to the Earth Day Tree Planting - 22 April 2014

1) From the center of the Washington State University campus, walk / drive east down Grimes Way to the stop sign.(note: click on the above map to open a larger image).

Environmental Health and Safety Sign

2) At the stop sign by Environmental Health & Safety at Grimes Way and Terre View Dr. turn right onto Terre View Dr. (sometimes called Airport Road).

Sign at Grimes Way and Terre View Dr
Turn Right on Terre View Dr

3) Only about 200 yards west down Terre View Dr., turn left into a small gravel parking lot. A sign will mark the entrance. The tree-planting event will be within short walking distance of this gravel parking lot, which holds about a dozen cars.

Butternut Tree Planting Site

See You in the WSU Arboretum & Wildlife Conservation Center at 2:30 pm, April 22nd, 2014

To learn more about the butternut tree planting in the WSU Arboretum and how you may help conserve this and other trees of ecological and historical interest to Washington State, please use the "Contact the AWCC" link below to send an email inquiry to Dr. Rod Sayler, Project Director. To learn more about our studies in restoration ecology, wildlife ecology, environmental education, and conservation, please see our science blog: Nature @ WSU.